Deck Restoration to Revive Your Outdoor Living

Deck restoration is a home improvement that is also a life improvement. You’d be surprised at how many people avoid entertaining in their back yard because their deck is simply not enjoyable. The weathered wood can be dull and unsightly and the previous finish might be starting to flake. It’s not an inviting place to sit and socialize. But with a little power washing and paint your refinished deck can shine. Once your deck is refinished, you will be amazed at how much more you will enjoy your own backyard. Move over squirrels!

Deck Restoration Done Right

Your deck should weather the elements and many outdoor gatherings. When done properly, deck restoration can last years. Startline Painting takes the right steps to prepare your deck to hold its finish for as long as possible. And we make sure your surrounding property is protected as well.


Choosing your deck’s finish

Startline Painting has experience with the application and durability of many products and we are happy to guide you in your choices.


Protecting your home’s surroundings

Shrubs, patios, driveways, walkways, lamp posts, lawns and decks, and more, all need special care to keep them safe from the force of power washing and from paint and stain. We make sure nothing is damaged while restoring your deck.


Power washing and preparing the surface

Power washing removes layers of ground-in dust, debris and mildew. This prepares the surface for good adhesion to the paint or stain.


Making repairs first

Before restoring the surface with paint or stain, we take care of any repairs needing light carpentry.


Painting or staining the deck

Once all surfaces are protected and prepared, we apply our expertise in applying paint and stain to ensure your restored deck is beautiful and will weather the elements and many outdoor gatherings.

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Startline painted my great room. Looks great and looks even better every time the Red Sox win in it !

- Matt C

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Deck Restoration

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