Power Washing to Clean and Shine Your Home

House power washing is one of the fastest, easiest ways any house exterior can be revived. Removing all the dirt, debris and mildew puts a fresh new face on your beautiful home. And once your home is fresh and clean, your surrounding lawn and gardens can shine without distraction.

Power Washing Your Home, Deck and Patio

Power washing a home is something people might decide to do themselves with rental equipment. But it does take skill, good equipment and knowledge to do a great job. We have the professional equipment to get into the places you might not, and the knowledge to prevent damage to your home and outdoor surroundings. Each part of your outdoor space requires a different power washing technique. We have the experience to get you the best results safely.


Preparing to power wash your house

Power washing with the wrong pressure can damage your home. So, the first thing we will do is assess your siding, deck or patio and make sure everything is properly prepared and ready to withstand the appropriate pressure. We’ll have you make sure windows and doors are tightly shut and screens are removed. And we will protect all locations that should not be affected.


Protecting your home’s surroundings

Any shrubs, patios, driveways, walkways, lamp posts, lawns and decks that are not being power washed will be protected or avoided as needed.


House power washing process

We’ll do one side of your house at a time, working from the bottom up and then rinsing from the top down making sure nothing streaks or dries unrinsed. Once the house is complete, we can do other surfaces such as your deck, sidewalk or patio.

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