Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Our professional kitchen cabinet painting process puts a beautiful surface of paint on your cabinets that’s of factory-finish quality. Why paint kitchen cabinets? Painting can be more affordable — typically one third of what replacing cabinets would cost. It also takes less time, there is less disruption. And, if cared for properly, a painted finish can last just as long as new cabinets.

Painted Cabinets to Update Your Kitchen

Not in the market for a whole new kitchen? Maybe your kitchen is just fine, but the cabinets are getting shabby or out of date. That’s the perfect reason to paint kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them. We can get your kitchen gleaming again in a matter of weeks.


Choosing kitchen cabinet colors

At Startline Painting we are happy to guide you in your color choices. With years of experience, we can help you make choices that fit your taste, your lifestyle and your room details. You should consider light sources, counter-top colors, appliance styles, wall colors and the style of cabinets.


Preparing to paint the cabinets

Some of the painting process will be done off site. And, of course, the part that can’t be moved will be painted in your kitchen. We make sure your floor, countertops, appliances and belongings are covered or moved out of the way. When done, there won’t be a dab of paint out of place.


Making repairs first

Cleaning and sanding the cabinets are the first steps to make sure the painted finish will be as smooth as butter and will hold the paint for years to come. Then we will take care of dents and dings that may have happened in your busy kitchen over the years. Finally, before applying the paint, there may be some light carpentry needed to make sure your finished product holds up to years of use.


Painting the kitchen cabinets

Once all surfaces are prepared and your kitchen is protected, we apply our expertise in applying a smooth paint finish, reassemble the cabinets and make sure your kitchen sparkles before we complete our work.

What Customers Say

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Startline painted my great room. Looks great and looks even better every time the Red Sox win in it !

- Matt C

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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