Exterior House Painting for Protection and Pride

Your house is probably your primary investment and is also an extension of your personality. We all invest a lot of time, energy and thought into everything that makes a house our home.

When the exterior finish of your home starts to fade and deteriorate, it becomes vulnerable to weather and no longer radiates comfort and enjoyment. Exterior painting will not only protect your investment but will restore your enjoyment and pride in your home.

Exterior House Painting with Experience and Care

Exterior house painting requires knowledge and care. Startline Painting takes the right steps to make sure your property is protected and your house is prepared to hold the paint for as long as possible. And we are a wealth of knowledge in choosing colors for your environment and your taste.


Choosing paint colors for the exterior

We have years of experience with how colors look once they are on your house under the light of sun and shade. And we are happy to guide you in the selection process so that you get the best result possible. After all, color choice is right up there beside clean lines and durability when it comes to overall impact.


Protecting your home’s surroundings

Shrubs, patios, driveways, walkways, lamp posts, lawns and decks, and more, all need special care to keep them safe from paint and equipment.


Making repairs first

Before painting, we take care of any repairs needing light carpentry.


Preparing surfaces for exterior paint

Power washing the exterior maximizes adhesion by removing dust, debris and mildew. When dry, we scrape any flaking paint and then do a great job at caulking any cracked seams for a smooth look.


Painting your home’s exterior surfaces

Once all surfaces are protected and prepared, we apply our expertise in painting application to ensure you have the most beautiful house in the neighborhood when we are done.


Painting adjacent surfaces on your home

There may be surfaces adjacent to your house that need painting and we can help with that too. We love restoring decks, porches and three-season rooms!

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Startline painted my great room. Looks great and looks even better every time the Red Sox win in it !

- Matt C

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