Interior House Painting to Transform Your Space

The interior of your home is where you spend most of your time, where you entertain family and friends, where you raise your children and dream your dreams. You want to be surrounded by colors you love, and ones that are fresh and clean and up to date that will transform your space into one you love.

That’s why you hire a professional like Startline Painting. We've been helping people choose colors for more than 25 years. And we get the application done right so you can sit back and enjoy the process.

Quality Interior House Painting

Color choice is right up there beside clean lines and beautiful details when it comes to the overall impact on the enjoyment of your home. Startline Painting specializes in all three of those. We have years of experience with color choices and are happy to guide you to a choice you will love. We pride ourselves on brining that color to life with clean lines that accentuate the details in your room.


Choosing paint colors for your interior

We are happy to help you choose your colors if you would like guidance. We know how colors look once they are on your walls in the lighting of your own home and as the daylight moves across your walls.


Protecting your furnishings

We take the utmost care in moving your furniture and covering it for protection.


Making repairs first

Before painting, we take care of any repairs needing light carpentry. For instance, if you have a rod and window sill casing that needs to be repaired we can do that as part of the job. No need to hire a carpenter for that.


Preparing surfaces for exterior paint

We properly prepare your walls for painting by cleaning, removing old, flaking paint, spackling, caulking, sanding and stain-blocking as needed.


Painting your home’s interior surfaces

Once all surfaces are protected and prepared, we apply our expertise in painting application to create a professionally crisp, clean interior space that complements your décor and makes an impression on visitors.

What Customers Say

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Startline painted my great room. Looks great and looks even better every time the Red Sox win in it !

- Matt C

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